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Fitness is an important aspect of day to day activities of many people. There are many advantages to exercising than just being in great shape. This is why more and more people are beginning to include working out into their daily routine.

Before, many people used to believe dieting was the solution to all their problems, but the many studies that have been done have shown what you eat is just a small percentage of good health. This is why people opted to be more physically active by going to the gym and doing other activities like swimming, running, walking, cycling, etc.

Many people have limited time from their schedule and finding time for going to the gym can be a challenge. Many of the time, people have free time on weekends but not on weekdays.

To get the benefits of working out, a person must go to the gym a certain number of times in the week, making it hard for many people. The solution to this problem is having your own gym at home.

Having a gym at the comfort of your home gives you the chance to save a lot of time and workout anytime you chance. You won’t have any restrictions because you would follow your routine.

There are many different types of equipment out there and choosing the right one can seem like an uphill task. You might find yourself in a position where you have to do a lot of adjustment to your room to accommodate the new equipment.

There is also the risk of blowing your budget if you don’t know what you ae going to get. One mistake that many people make when buying home equipment is buying what they don’t need or too complicated to use. Below are essential fitness equipment for a home gym.

Cardio Training Equipment

A cardio training equipment is any equipment that helps you sustain smooth and continuous movement and an elevated heart rate for at least 20 minutes. If you are willing to spend over £500, then the best option is an electric treadmill, rowing machine, stationary bike, or ski machine. These machines usually require between 25-30 square feet per unit.
If you have £100 or less to spend, then you can go for a jumping rope, stepping machine or aerobic exercise videos and DVDs.

Strength Training

These are equipment’s that are designed to strengthen muscles. They usually play a role in weight loss, body shaping and functional fitness. If you have allocated strength training equipment £500 or over, then you can go for the All-in-one multi-gym. These usually come with an adjustable weight training bench, suspension resistance trainer, and adjustable barbells. You need between 35 and 50 square feet for this equipment. All-in-one gyms are usually recommended because they have a reduced risk of injury when a person is in an unsupervised setting.

For people with £100 or less, Hand weights, resistance band and a low-end bench is the ideal option.

Balance equipment

These are equipment that usually provide balance when performing like doing crunches or lifting weights. The equipment usually improves balance, muscle stamina, strength in core muscles and posture. Soft foam exercise pads, burst-resistant stability balls, wobble boards and gel-based balance beams. The balls are usually sold by the height of the intended user and can range from 45 to 75 cm.

Whatever you decide to purchase, please remember that the best equipment is only good if you use it. If you are unsure as to how motivated and focussed you can be for working out at home then start small before buying more expensive gear.

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