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The UK has a problem. There is an epidemic of obesity and people who are dangerously overweight. The sad part of this problem is that most of these people would prefer to be fit and healthy. However, there are many who have decided to fight back by eating properly, exercising, and eliminating stress.

For people who want to build muscle mass it can be quite confusing. There are many conflicting articles online that say you need to do it slowly and with this or that specific exercise programme. Other articles will tell you that you can do it quickly with a combination of supplements and specially designed exercise routines.

Most people who want to gain muscle mass become or physically fit are not professional trainers, and therefore they wonder what the best way to accomplish this is. These people also live a very busy lifestyle as the majority of us do. They do not have the time to spend hours in the gym or research which is the best exercise routine for building muscle mass.

For all of those type of people there is some good news. There is a way that you can gain a lot more muscle mass while at the same time doing less training. The answer for this may surprise you because it is not complicated. It will not cost you an expensive monthly membership fee. You will not be required to buy costly muscle building supplements, many of which may not work for you.

You will however be required to change your eating habits because the secret to building muscle mass is simply better nutrition. You will find that there are dedicated exercise enthusiasts who train very hard. You will also find that many of these enthusiasts care little about nutrition. Therefore, much of the time that they spend training is for not.

However, why would these dedicated people not be concerned about their nutrition? The reason is quite simple. They feel that nutrition and good eating habits is a complicated subject that is too difficult to understand and therefore they avoid it. Consequently, they do not make the connection between nutrition and training.

If you are going to train hard, you should also learn to train smart. When it comes to nutrition, you train smart by understanding how nutrition works in conjunction with being fit and gaining muscle. This principle will work for people who are simply trying to get into better shape or for people who are serious about gaining muscle mass.

People who are trying to gain muscle mass need to understand the benefits of lean beef. A three-ounce serving of lean beef provides you with 154 calories. At the same time, it provides you with ten essential nutrients. These nutrients include B vitamins, zinc, and iron. These three ingredients are conducive to muscle growth.

It should be stated that not all proteins are equal. Building muscle requires protein, and lean beef provides the body with a high-quality protein and a high level of amino acid. The amino acid will work with your body’s insulin which will promote muscle growth.

Is your target to lose weight? You’ll be happy to know that you will receive the same amount of protein with 3 ounces of lean beef as you do with 1 ½ cups of beans – but with a reduction of 50 % of the overall calories.

Another nutritious gem that will help you to gain muscle mass is chicken. Chicken, like lean beef, is also important for muscle repair and maintenance, weight maintenance, and bone health. Chicken is a great nutritional choice for anyone, and it is delicious. You can prepare your chicken in so many different ways. Also, both lean beef and chicken are reasonably priced compared to other meat choices.

Finally, to help you with your new, nutritional muscle mass building diet you should include cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is almost pure casein protein. This type protein is slow digesting which will optimize muscle maintenance. For people who go for long periods without eating it is a perfect choice. It also has an abundance of vitamin D and calcium. Always purchase the low-fat or non-fat version.

If you include these three simple food items into your diet you will notice a quicker building of muscle mass.

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